How Time Flies!

Saturday, October 2, 2010
So I know we have neglected our blog for what feels like a week and a half. :) Only to realize Lauren is about to turn 3 months old. Wow is all we can say. She is a little angel, growing up so fast. We have had many adventures in the last 2 and a half months. All of which have been fantastic! I know you all have been waiting for a new picture. We appreciate your patience with our Blog-vacation. As I am sure you all understand why we remain so distracted. Thank you for all the sincere and beautiful comments. We wish you well! -Don & Krise


  1. Rob Siemann Says:

    Welcome back! She's a beauty!

  2. NikonSniper Says:

    what a little doll! a gift from heaven!
    God bless you all.
    nikonsniper steve

  3. Lois Says:

    She is absolutely adorable and I don't blame you one bit for preferring to play with your little angel instead of blogging! Glad to hear everyone is doing so well.

  4. Hilda Says:

    Lauren is adorable and looks like such a happy baby! Those cheeks are sooo made for kissing!

    Take as much time away as you can. As you said, time flies so fast, and Lauren will be all grown up before you know it. You don't want to miss any of her precious childhood years.

    Big hug to Lauren, and to you and Krise too. Be well.

    (Sorry for the late visit. It's been crazy for me recently too, but unfortunately, nothing quite as wonderful as your Lauren.)

  5. What a sweet and happy baby.
    Time sure has a way of moving on. I am sure you have been having fun time with Lauren and her beautiful sisters.

    Keep showing us more pictures. MB

  6. AB Says:

    Yes, she is a cutie!

  7. Lowell Says:

    Hi, Lauren! What a great smile you have! I'm smiling just looking at you!

    Say "Hi" to your folks. They did one heck of a job!

  8. Kim Says:

    I see you are keeping her happy! What a smile. Okay, so there is this great Fisher-Price indestructible kiddie digital camera. If you get it for her and she sees you two snapping away on your own cameras, she'll be doing photo walks with you (from her front pack or in the backpack) before you know it! Imagine Olympia from HER point of view. That would be fantastic! Have fum, and I hope you are coming out of the fog and feeling human and settled in again. Bet the whole fam is having so much fun with Lauren!

  9. Lynette Says:

    From this photo, I know many things to be true. Lauren's well loved, healthy, and blessed. So are her fab parents and family. To tell you the truth, those of us lucky enough to share in your joy are blessed, too. Mama loves this photo, too!

  10. Linnea Says:

    What a beautiful photo of a beautiful baby girl! Enjoy your time with her! I have a feeling she'll be your favorite subject to photograph...

  11. Anonymous Says:

    cute baby

  12. Lynette Says:

    Happy New Year! I hope all is well for each of you!

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  13. Lucas Kain Says:

    Yes, yes it does.. It's kind of sad actually. Can never do everything you want to. :)

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  14. Robin Says:

    They look so happy and healthy! Congrats :)

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