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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I've mentioned before that the downtown Olympia area is an interesting place. Diverse to say the least. In the coming weeks I'll do my best to spotlight some of the unique businesses that live and thrive downtown. For today's post I give you the Fish Brewing Company. It won on paint alone!


  1. manuel nieto Says:

    color impresionante, saludos

  2. AB Says:

    Fish!? Brewery!? That explains something about American beer!

  3. Yolanda Says:

    Oh how fun is that! The Northwest has the best beer in the world! (In my opinion anyway). I am away from the PacNW right now and I am missing that hoppy goodness. Great shot of an interesting building and mural!

  4. Yolanda Says:

    One more comment - I love that just to the left of the building you also captured the sneakers hanging off the wire. Classic.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Gosh, this is a new bunch of colors. I bet the guy or gal got some free brews.

  6. Love it----but just what are they brewing there? Fish???
    Great shot and great paint job. MB

  7. Lois Says:

    I'll say! That is one cool looking building.

  8. Thank you everyone!
    We have to agree. That building is definitely an eye catcher. If you like this, just wait till you see the paint job on my next post.

  9. tapirgal Says:

    The colors are great, and the place certainly is creative - but I just can't get past fish and brewing in the same name. Ugh. Sorry! I hope their beer is better than suggested! Thanks to Yolanda for pointing out the sneakers on the wire. I still find this custom (or whatever) amusing.

  10. Very nice shot, but I hate the idea of brewing fish!

  11. gogouci Says:

    What a beautifully bright building!

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