Ruby Tuesday - Who's Greg?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I told you in yesterday's post that we went to Seattle for the day. As we were walking back to our car to head home we walked through an alley where I spotted this pipe. I'm not really sure who Greg is or how he decided that this was the place to leave his mark, but whether he knows it or not he's now a part of Ruby Tuesday.

To see how others leave their mark click the link below.


  1. brian stout Says:

    i'll tell you who greg is. greg is my brother, and we all warned him about naming his kid after himself. 'little' greg is probably the culprit, he often has his hands in things he shouldn't =)

  2. Greg will probably never see this, because I'm not going to tell him. MB

  3. Chuck Pefley Says:

    I'm sure Greg appreciates your promotion -:)

  4. Saretta Says:

    I love the textures in this shot, the dark red against the grey. Very nice. A bit marred by Greg, but very interesting nonetheless!

  5. Hilda Says:

    All I can say is, at least he didn't write it on a bright, clean wall!

  6. Very nice graphic photo. And of course, I don't know who Grégoire is. ;-)

  7. Lois Says:

    That's the chance you take when you write your name in a public place!

  8. Tammy Says:

    I love the industrial look of this photo! I'm in the pacific northwest too and am always interested to see what others in the area are photographing.

  9. Wherever you are Greg, stand up and take a bow.

    Saretta: Thank you.

    Tammy: Thank you for stopping by. I really like shooting industrial shots, but for some reason haven't done much lately. I recently found an abandoned building that I'm going to go check out soon though.

  10. That is different and reminded me of a car commercial where the owner backs his new car into a dual piece of pipe something like this. The real difference is in the commercial the pipes talk.

  11. I've seen that one too Abe.

  12. Jacob Says:

    Poor Greg will never know he's been on Ruby Tuesday. You see, shortly after he wrote his name and shortly before you walked down that alley, Greg, being a little goofy, tried to smoke that pipe.

    He got quite high. In fact, I think he's up in the clouds somewhere.

    Isn't Seattle a fun place? ;-)

  13. Brett Says:

    great picture

  14. AB Says:

    What a great chunk of grungy metal!

  15. tapirgal Says:

    That's a funny way to think of it. I wonder if Greg will ever know he's part of RT? It looks like a pic out of a sleek coffee table photo album.

  16. Brett: Thank you!

    AB: Well, it is in the city of grunge after all. :-)

    tapirgal: Thank you Sheryl, I appreciate that.

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