Pork Place

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For today's post let's step into the time tunnel. Way back in May of last year I posted a week's worth of signs. One of those signs was this neon pig. At the time I didn't show you the rest of the building, but this is it. Southbay Dickerson's BBQ, one of the best smelling places you could ever drive by. There are large sliding doors just out of frame to the right that they open in the nice weather. If you'd like to see their simple but tasty menu click here.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Some smells are worth driving around to locate the source. A pig roast is one of them I remember. I like this bright red building color and I can just imagine what the BBG smells like. Thanks too for the visit and comment on the Tufted Titmouse.

  2. Yolanda Says:

    Hehe! Somehow we both must have had BBQ on the brain! Too funny! Another very fun photo of a colorful building!

  3. Jacob Says:

    I can smell it all the way down here in Florida! I've been driving around for days trying to locate the source of the smell, and now I found out it is in Olympia! Sheesh! That's just too far to drive for dinner!

    I do like the airstream mural entrance! And the bright red. Eye-popping.

    I'm assuming you have eaten there on occasion, right?

  4. Count me in for dinner! It looks great!

  5. Lois Says:

    That's really cute the way they painted the Airstream trailer around the entrance. Sounds like a great place!

  6. Thanks all!

    Abraham Lincoln: One of these days we're going to find out if the taste matches the smell.

    Yolanda: Yep, what a coincidence huh? Thank you again for stopping by and you hang in there.

    Jacob: If you can smell it down there, I'm scared!

    cieldequimper: There's always room for one more.

    Lois: We thought the trailer added a nice bit of Americana to it too.

  7. Lynette Says:

    This is my favorite so far. That Airstream is such a great idea for the door treatment! Having grown up in trailers for seven and a half years, between 3 and 11, then living in a camper trailer with Mama from 2001 to 2006, trailers have a special place in my heart.

  8. Chuck Pefley Says:

    Love the airstream parked there. LOL!!

    Your title could be a synonym for Pike Place during the annual Pigs on Parade event. Definitely becomes the Pork Place Market then!!

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