Honey Could You Mow The Roof?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Today we were up north in Tacoma seeing my Mom, doing some shopping for baby things and just sort of running around. Driving down the road something caught my eye. I had to turn around and look closer. Thankfully we were able to pull into an alley to get this shot.

What the heck??


  1. J Bar Says:

    Certainly worth a snap.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  2. ~Cheryl Says:

    That's pretty funny! If this summer really is going to be a dry one, I wonder if this will become a fire hazard? I'm so glad you went back and took the photo!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    that's exactly what I thought when the page loaded... what the heck?!?! why would they do that?

  4. brian stout Says:

    I wonder if it helps with the electric bill :)

  5. That's pretty common in Scandinavia.

  6. Lois Says:

    I guess it makes for some good insulation and it's very pretty too!

  7. J Bar: We thought so. It's a head turner.

    ~Cheryl: I don't know. Maybe you set a sprinkler up there too.

    Tricia: I think cieldequimper nailed it. ;-)

    brian stout: Yep, like Lois said.....Nature's insulation.

    cieldequimper: After looking at it a minute or two I thought it had a European look to it. Actually there was more down low but we couldn't get it all in one shot.

    Lois: I think you're right x2.

  8. Jacob Says:

    My immediate reaction was that this had a European look to it...don't see it very often in the US...but also, it's a great photo and I'm glad you got the shot.

    I can't imagine this would be very good for a roof, though, considering the retention of moisture and resulting mildew, etc.

    Hope you have a great week!

  9. A roof garden how neat. We made several when I worked for a nursery/greenhouse. Maybe this house just needed a new roof and got old and grew moss so they decide to sow some seeds until they got a new roof. ha!
    Speaking of Nurseries---shopping for baby stuff--it's getting close? Is everyone excited? YES!!!! MB

  10. Small City Scenes: Oh yeah! 50 days to go (or there about). We went around to several places over the last few days and registered. Now I guess I'm supposed to start pacing and getting nervous, right?? Wait, it's way too early for that.

  11. Couple of sheep should do the trick.

  12. Yolanda Says:

    That is AWESOME! I wonder if it's intentional, or the weeds got out of hand! I used to have a moss problem on my roof, but this is a whole new level! :) Love this!

  13. lewi14 Says:

    Wonderful. What a nice and colourful roof.

  14. Lynette Says:

    If I didn't live up here in the Pacific Northwest where I see stuff complacently growing on roofs, I would suspect this photo of being a finely-honed-computer-program-manipulated honey. However, I know it's real 'cause I trust y'all, and I profusely thank you for taking the photo!

  15. Hilda Says:

    That is so cool!

  16. Linnea W Says:

    Oh...that's too funny!

  17. Chuck Pefley Says:

    Love the flower garden on the lower structure. Very utilitarian ... I'm sure the local roofing companies probably don't approve, though. Have to wonder about building and fire codes, too.

    50 days??? Almost time to invest in that box of cigars -:))

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