Watery Wednesday - Floating Furballs

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Taken this past Sunday (Mother's Day), these little fellas were just two of nine babies with their mama down at Capitol Lake.

For more Watery Wednesday shots click the link below.


  1. Sanna Says:

    So cute! :)

  2. Chuck Pefley Says:

    Fuzzy ducklings are so cuddly looking!

    So, did you get your burger before bedtime???

  3. Well, these ducklings are not ugly at all!

  4. brian stout Says:

    Too cute! Its too bad they can't stay this size forever :)

  5. So cute and I love your title!

  6. Hilda Says:

    Heehee, I just love your title! Cutesies!

  7. Jacob Says:

    I think little duckies are the definition of cute. Even our ugly mucky-ducks in south Florida are cute when they are little!

  8. Lois Says:

    They are adorable! By the way, I think blogger is playing a trick on me today. The word verification below this comment box is "loism"!

  9. Tricia Says:

    they're sooo cuuute! did you get a shot of them all w/ their momma too?

  10. Chuck Pefley: No, but I did get a couple of peanut butter cookies and a glass of milk. Not too bad.

    Lois: More than just a coincidence I'd say.

    Tricia: As a matter of fact I did. Maybe I'll post them all tonight.

  11. tapirgal Says:

    Little ducks are always cute. You got an especially nice photo of these. Makes my morning.

  12. I like the small duck pictures. I wonder where the momma is?

  13. J Bar Says:

    Too cute.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  14. Ann Says:

    Lovely photo of the two little cute ducklings, quack quack.

  15. Dimple Says:

    Ducks are natural in a water photo. These are cute!

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