Ahoy Matey

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Port of Olympia at sundown.


  1. Hilda Says:

    Those masts match the stand of woods at the back! :)

    Lovely pale blues in this photo.

  2. AB Says:

    What a wonderful, peaceful scene.

  3. tapirgal Says:

    That's lovely - what nice, soft colors.

  4. Babooshka Says:

    That really is a stunning image.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I would vote this one of the nicest photos I have seen while online this morning. It has everything about it just right. Wow.

  6. Thanks to everyone!
    Again, I'll credit my wife with spotting this one.
    tapirgal and Babooshka, thank you for stopping by.

  7. So perfect.

  8. get zapped Says:

    Gorgeous. I love the blue hues. Great shot!

  9. this is gorgeous! lovely!

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