Fried Egg Look-Alike

Sunday, May 31, 2009

This afternoon we headed north to Lakewood to take our two dogs to the off-leash dog park. Afterward at one of the stops we made, we spotted what I believe are wild roses. (correct me if I am wrong.) I am used to seeing the pink ones along the freeway, but I don't see too many white ones. It was in the 80's today and it looks like it's going to hit 90 in a few days.


  1. LOL!!! Lovely photo! I also like yesterday's picture a lot, so cute.

  2. Was it hot enough to fry an egg outdoors? Looks like Rugosa Rose to me. Good eye. I love the wild roses growing all over the place. MB

  3. ciel: Thank you on both. She is a cutie isn't she?

    Small City: Thanks for the help identifying the rose. They are nice. They thrive on the sun.

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