One of Two

Thursday, May 21, 2009

One of the "Twin Barns" located on the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. Built in 1934, these barns will not be affected by the estuary restoration which I wrote about here. For some reason I didn't even mind posting this one even with the lens flare.


  1. Meead Says:

    Thanks for your visit and comment. You're warmly welcomed!

    I love the photo in the previous post, the "In Flight". It's wonderful.

  2. Dina Says:

    Shalom from Jerusalem. Actually, I followed Meead to your nice blog. :)

    They don't make barns like that anymore, eh? Nice one!

  3. Thank you both for stopping by and your comments.

  4. AB Says:

    Nice perspective, nice glare

  5. Anonymous Says:

    How nice it is to see a barn the same age as I am. I think we both look good.

  6. Oh I love this! It's so beautiful. It reminds me of all the fantastic barns I've seen while travelling the Pacific Northwest!

  7. Abe, it's hard to be humble when you look that good isn't it?

    Ciel, thank you.These are favorites of ours.

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