Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Driving past Olympia Regional Airport I spotted this odd looking giant. What a perfect opportunity to try out the new Nikon 55-200 VR lens that came today. (My wife spoils me) I quickly made a U-turn and headed for the parking lot. Just as we pulled up the engines started to wind up. A minute later the sound was near-deafening. We stayed there for about fifteen minutes or so while they ran the engines up and back down, played with the pitch of the main rotor, etc. What an impressive machine. We had to get going, so we didn't get the chance to watch it take off. It did pass over our home shortly after we got there. You do not sneak up on anyone in that rig! Here is a link to Erickson Air-Crane. To really be impressed with the shear size and horsepower click on "Design weights and Performance. It was the model S-64F.


  1. Frank Says:

    What an amazing contraption. I can just imagine what it was designed to pick up and carry.

  2. It doesn't look... whole... somehow!

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