Floral Friday - Illuminated Trumpets

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tonight I'm going to lay out a challenge. It's Floral Friday, and I want you to name this flower.

For more botanical goodness click the link below.


  1. This is beautiful!

  2. Sorry, don't know... Love the light though.

  3. Jacob Says:

    Gorgeous photograph...the light is magnificent.

    It's a hibiscus. Or it looks exactly like the hibiscus we have in our back yard.

    Have a fun, photo-filled weekend!

  4. Hilda Says:

    I'm not even going to try since I'm an absolute doofus when it comes to flowers and all other plants.

    It's gorgeous though! Is that it's real color or did you apply some kind of effect? The title of your post is just perfect for it.

  5. Hilda: I don't think you're a doofus. You don't have to know the name of a flower to know if you like it or not.

  6. Very pretty. It looks like a Mandevilla---formally known as Dipladena. Is it? MB

  7. tapirgal Says:

    Is that beautiful, or what? The flowers are gorgeous, the focus is perfect, the colors to die for, and the background perfectly out of focus with sparkles! I love it. You have a winner!

  8. brian stout Says:

    i like the flower, but have no clue on the name... i'll check back for the correct answer later! =0

  9. Sorry it took so long to get back with an answer. This is a variety of" Acanthaceae". Not a flower I'm familiar with, just one we thought was too nice to pass up.

    Thanks everyone for your interest. I appreciate it.

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