Post # 200 - Sausage Saturday

Saturday, November 7, 2009

No, it's not some wacky new theme day. Last night I got so wrapped up in one of the three movies my wife rented, I lost all track of time and missed posting. It was "Taking of Pelham 123". It co-starred John Travolta and Denzel Washington. Not a bad movie. Right now the family is waiting for me to finish this post so I'll come sit down and watch movie # 2, "Horseman" with Dennis Quaid. We'll see how that goes. Besides being a movie night, my wife and I had to do the dirty deed. Yep, we had to go shopping at Costco. After seeing enough food to feed a small country I'm already thinking about breakfast tomorrow. The little number you see pictured above will be on the menu too. Bacon sausage. I know, it sounds weird but it's really good. Well, off to the movies. Have a nice night and an even better Sunday evening.

PS: My oldest daughter, you know the one...."Little Miss Famous", she wasn't too crazy about me posting sausage. I'll have to post another shot of her pretty soon. That'll keep her happy.


  1. Yummy! Have a great Sunday!

  2. I like good sausage but most sausage isn't good enough to eat. I like the kind the farmers make but i don't know any farmers making it nowadays. Have yourself a nice time at your movie.

  3. Well it is ok to miss a day of blogging---it is not the end all, be all. Enjoy the movie and breakfast sounds good. MB

  4. Jacob Says:

    I think I'll look at this in the morning just before breakfast. Is bacon sausage related to beer and eggs?

  5. gogouci Says:

    I haven't heard any of those movies. I need to put the camera down and get out more. The bacon sausage looks wonderful.

  6. Thank you,

    cieldequimper: Thank you. Enjoy yours too!

    Abe: In our house I'd call this "disappearing sausage".

    Small City Scenes: I know what you mean, I just try to miss as few as possible. Oh, and the Travolta movie was MUCH better than the other one.

    Jacob: Beer and eggs huh? Somehow I think my body would reject that. Yikes!

    gogouci: Don't feel alone. My wife is the movie buff. I hadn't heard of these movies either.
    Come on over. We'll share the sausage. ;-)

  7. AB Says:

    Some very oredlerly sausages and a nice symbol of domestic life.

  8. Steffe Says:

    Haven't seen that version, but I remember the old movie with Walter Matthau. I will probably have a look at the Jonas Ã…kerlund movie.

  9. Lois Says:

    That sausage looks and sounds delicious!

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