Remember Whensday - First Trip to Olympia

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When I was a kid my family lived in Spokane which is in eastern Washington. In 1962, during the Seattle World's Fair we moved to Tacoma. The next year one of the things we did was to take a drive south to Olympia to see the Capitol. Things were a bit different then. Not only were we able to tour the Capitol Building we were able to take the walk all the way to the top of the dome. I can still remember the clanking of those metal steps and how tired our legs were by the time we reached the top. After the earthquake of 1965 they stopped allowing visitors to go up to the top. This photo is of myself and my sister. You might remember her from this previous post. Love the suit and tie huh?

See more Remember Whensday photos of the past by clicking the link below.



  1. Sally in WA Says:

    Great photo and post. Such a dashing young lad. That must have been fun to go to the top of the Capitol. I've only driven past it on I-5. Shame on me for never stopping to visit it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my gosh, were any of us ever that young? I took my little brother, maybe your age, to the world's Fair in Seattle in 1962. We went on the bus.
    I also remember visiting the capitol and going to the top of the dome. actually going anywhere we wanted. Those days are gone. MB

  3. Beautiful photo and great post !!

  4. Peggy Says:

    Never been there but I've been to the NB Legislature and the PEI Confederation Bldg, and the House of Parliament in Ottawa. I think its important that we know our history. Love how we used to dress up for important outings!

  5. Lois Says:

    You must have been having a great time, judging from the grin on your face! This is a cute picture and I do love the suit!

  6. Frank Says:

    Do keep scanning and posting the old photos. The one of your sis and the Packard is terrific and you with the bulldog. These old photos are more than worth making a part of your blog for us (and you) and really fun to see and read about.

  7. AB Says:

    Oh yeah, that is a seriously cool suit, there!

  8. Looking good! Your sis is a giant!

  9. You both look cute and happy!

  10. Jacob Says:

    I'll bet you still wear a suit and tie, right?

    I hope you didn't drive your sister too crazy in those days!

  11. Thanks everyone!
    As a side note, my sister is currently staying with us and I (for some unknown reason) forgot to show her the photo I posted until tonight. You know what? Big sisters never stop whacking you on the back of the head.

    Good memories indeed. I'll be posting more.

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