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Monday, November 23, 2009

What is WorkSource? Their website describes it as a joint venture of organizations dedicated to addressing Washington State's unemployment needs. Besides holding workshops and training programs they also offer free use of computers, copiers, faxes & phones, internet job listings, job referral and placement, access to unemployment and numerous other job related services.

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  1. Lynette Says:

    Solid photo of a solid site. Nice job!

    Speaking of my memory cards, did you get to look at the glorious Southern food on Sunday's post? If I could lick the memory card and get to taste it all again, I'd ruin one doing it!

  2. Interesting shot. I know it is Worksource but it looks like an institution that I wouldn't wnat to visit. A mental ward. then again.............MB

  3. Aileni Says:

    A beacon in the darkness for some perhaps.

  4. AB Says:

    The effect of the lights looks good in black and white.

  5. Lois Says:

    This place is probably very busy these days unfortunately.

  6. That's good. The same job is done by the state here. Not very well, actually. Anyway, it looks good, if slightly ghostly. Well, it does to me and I'm tired, that must be it.

  7. awarewriter Says:

    Your night shot gives this place extra drama. Well done.

  8. Thanks everyone!c

    Small City Scenes: There, there.....things will get better.

    Aileni: Well put.

    AB: Thank you.

    cieldequimper: You'd better lie down for a while. ;-)

  9. RuneE Says:

    Doing a good job in a building that deserved a photo like this.

  10. brian stout Says:

    this looks great in monochrome. i agree also that it looks semi-institutional... like a mental ward =)

  11. heph Says:

    nice photo

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