Art at Evergreen

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Okay, part two of our visit to The Evergreen State College in Olympia. While checking out the campus Saturday I came across this area just outside an art building. Evidently this is where they have been doing some metal work. If you look through the mesh above the concrete wall, you might be able to see a bit of a large winged creature that must have been made there.
Tomorrow I'll show you another area on campus.


  1. Hilda Says:

    But of course. Duh, Hilda.

    Not something I would have connected with the arts immediately. Maybe engineering.

  2. How neat. MB

  3. That creature is big!
    How nice to be able to work, I mean create, outside.

  4. It's okay Hilda, go easy on yourself. :-)

  5. Rob Says:

    We sure could have fun creating art in this place.

  6. tapirgal Says:

    I love this shot. It's got so many elements and looks so productive and creative. One of my favorite times was the stuff we did in the workshop of the Theatre Department when I was attending the Claremont Colleges. We worked mostly indoors. This looks like a great place to be.

  7. Jacob Says:

    The weather must be quite good by now ... and I would find this outdoor "workshop" a delightful place to "create" great big winged things or small critters, or medium sized widgets...

  8. AB Says:

    Looks like fun. Now, I want to make a large winged creature

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