Truckin' Like the Doo-Dah Man

Monday, March 29, 2010

Always keeping our eye peeled for classic VW's, this baby caught our eye about half a block after meeting up with these fellows. I figured the sepia would help take us all back in time.
P.S. I wish I would have taken a shot of the inside. There was just enough room for the driver to sit and that was it. The rest of the van was piled to the roof with stuff.


  1. Chuck Pefley Says:

    Mid-70's I think. I had one about the same vintage, but no kayak on top -:) Sure wouldn't have wanted to herd this one down the highway today in the wind!!!

  2. OMG!!! My parents had one of these in the mid-sixties, they packed my sister and myself and went from France to Katmandu in 1966. Great memories of Kabul, Goa, Nepal....
    Was yellow. That's when I started travelling, aged 5.

  3. Lois Says:

    My in-laws had one of these and they used to visit us and sleep in it in the driveway of our house!

  4. A fellow I worked with had a yellow one--older then the one pictured. He had it forecer and called it his 'Happy Van'. He was a very laid-back person. MB

  5. Dear friends, an award is waiting for you to pick it up here:

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Oh sepia is very cool for this shot & they really look like some characters! heheheee

  7. Ah, where's the sea (sex, sun)? Sorry, I couldn't resist it. Sea, sex and sun is a very populer French song...

  8. James Says:

    Very cool! This a familiar sight for me when I was a kid in So. California in the 1970's.

  9. brian stout Says:

    i'd love to have one of these too =)

  10. Jacob Says:

    Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end...but they did.

    The problem with these things is that they had a tendency to flip over in high winds. But they were quite popular for awhile.

  11. Wow, there's nothing that stirs a response like a trip down memory lane is there. Thanks everyone!

    Rob and Mandy: Thank you very much for the award. I'll buzz on over and pick it up.

  12. Yolanda Says:

    Lately it occurs to me... what a long, strange trip it's been... :) I like that you have a McMenamins in Olympia! They are all around Portland!

  13. AB Says:

    The canoe on top just makes it perfect

  14. Ineke Says:

    just like puppie dogs, these cars make my heart melt :)

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