Theme Day - Passageway

Monday, March 1, 2010

Here we are at the start of a new month, which means another CDPB Theme Day. For this month's theme "passageway" we're revisiting a place I've already taken you a couple of times. This is the entry to the Hotel Olympian, a grand old building in downtown Olympia. Not only did I show you the outside here, we even took you to dinner at The Urban Onion here, and showed you what they do with you if you complain about the food here. Besides those things if you look straight ahead at the signs you'll see there's a Christian Science Reading Room downstairs to the right, and there's a small bookstore immediately to the left. Now, if you look upstairs at the far end you'll see several sets of doors. Those doors lead you to a good sized dance floor where they not only hold dances on a regular basis, you can also take lessons up there. I believe my wife is going to take me up there one of these days.

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  1. lewi14 Says:

    Hello Don und Krise. What a nice entrance and a successful realization for the theme day.

  2. Very grand. Sorry to sound obtuse but what's a Christian science reading room?

  3. Hilda Says:

    I will very willingly follow you and Krise up the stairs to the dance hall. I'm not quite sure if my husband will follow too though.

    Such a warm and inviting room!

  4. Abe Lincoln Says:

    I really like the formal look to this scene indoors. It kind of reminds me of the great dining room with the bear skin rugs at the Biltmore House in North Carolina.

    What is your opinion of a meme like the one you entered with this picture?

    I am seeing less and less participation -- maybe it is just me as I no longer participate in any of them.

    It is like I no longer watch the Evening News or any news broadcast on television. And we don't get a newspaper any more. News is "managed" and what the reader reads on television was pre-approved in the board room. So we don't see what is seen on television news in England, for example. I get most of my news online.

  5. How elegant. Wouldn't it be fun to be wealthy back in those days.

    for a little while anyway. MB

  6. Jacob Says:

    Oh, oh! Dance lessons? I'd try to dance my way out of that!

    Nice theme day shot, though. And a very funny post. I sure as heck am not gonna complain about the food at The Urban Onion!

  7. Lois Says:

    This looks like a lovely old hotel! I'm glad it is still being used.

  8. Mo Says:

    Is she trying to tell you, you have two left feet then

  9. Linnea W Says:

    It's really beautiful indoors. At first I thought it was a library! So you want to learn how to dance?!

  10. lewi14: Thank you very much.

    cieldequimper: I'm certainly not trying to avoid answering, but my explanation would take up quite a bit of room here. I would suggest you Google it. You'll get a simplified answer there.

    Hilda: You are officially invited. :-)

    Abe Lincoln: As far as the monthly theme, I do enjoy it but human nature being what it is, I find I put off taking the theme photo until the last minute. I do have to somewhat agree with you in regard to the TV news. You only get what they want you to get.

    Mo: No, I'm telling her that! She's willing to help though.

    Linnea W: If my wife wants me to how could I refuse?

  11. brian stout Says:

    you will definitely need to take more photos when you go to dance =)

  12. tapirgal Says:

    So is this more of a mall now or shops than a hotel? I've never seen a Christian Science Reading Room inside of another building. And yes, I took the photo of Astoria Coffeehouse from inside :)

  13. brian stout: Oh, that's not going to be pretty.

    tapirgal: This entrance is at one end of that large brick building. As you walk in it opens up to what you see here. I'd have to do some research to find out what this whole end was originally used for. Judging by the large room downstairs and the dance floor upstairs I would guess the part you see here may have been a restaurant at one time. Now it houses a restaurant on the left as well as the book store on the immediate left, and a hair salon on the right. I thought it was an odd place for the reading room too, but..........

  14. Lynette Says:

    Love the photo and your description. Thanks for your support of my straying to vacation. At first when I read that comment, I thought, 'Well!" Then I thought, "Well, it is Portland Oregon Daily Photo." So I've decided to alternate posts between here and there. Hope it goes well for everyone.

    Can't wait to see the VW update photos!

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