Dinner and a Song

Thursday, March 11, 2010

One of those hectic evenings tonight. It's what happens when you have kids. Running around to do after work, then our oldest daughter had another concert at her high school. By the time it was over we didn't feel like cooking so off we headed to Plaza Jalisco for some of their delicious Mexican food. This painting is on one of the walls there.


  1. gogouci Says:

    Sounds almost exactly like our agenda today. The only difference is we settled on eating Thai food.

  2. Hilda Says:

    I hope their food is as great as the decorations!

  3. Lois Says:

    At first I didn't realize it was a painting and I thought you were being serenaded!

  4. Don't most Mexican restaurants have the neatest decorations? I hope the food was as good as the painting. MB

  5. Lynette Says:

    Good food, good art, you can't go wrong. Does the restaurant ever have live mariachi music--I like it a lot.

    Don't I wish that Rolls had been my ride! I'd be hard pressed to stop grinning!

  6. Jacob Says:

    I like the mural...it looks quite well done. And reminds me of a trip I took many years ago way down into Mexico ... at the restaurants, gentlemen similar to these would serenade us.

    You're fortunate to have a good Mexican restaurant...we've got a couple of Mexican restaurants in Ocala but neither are much good.

  7. Did you get the mariachi music as well

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