Guess What We Found?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flowers weren't all we found last weekend at the conservatory in Tacoma. We never did see the little fellow that was supposed to be guarding the pot o' gold. He left in such a hurry that he lost his hat.

A big Happy St Patrick's Day to you all. I have an even better reason to celebrate. My wife and I were married two years ago today. I love you Krise!


  1. Lynette Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love those shamrocks in your photo.

  2. Chuck Pefley Says:

    So, did you both wear green to the wedding?

    Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Happy anniversary! We've been married for 3 years, 6 months and 17 days

  4. Gunn Says:

    Congratulations and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!
    Nice colorful shot!

  5. Yolanda Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I see you found my pot of gold! :) Great photo for St. Patty's Day!

  6. Hilda Says:

    Happy anniversary! May you be blessed with more wonderful and happy years together!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day too! Although we don't celebrate it here. Not too many Irish here, I guess. :)

  7. Jacob Says:

    Sweet post! I wonder, though, who that little man could have run off with...have you see your wife today?


    Congrats on your anniversary! May you have many more wonderful years together!

  8. How lucky are you to have found the pot o gold! LoL!
    Pretty flowers, too!

  9. tapirgal Says:

    Sweet post :) Happy Anniversary, and many, many more.

  10. Thank you all!
    I hope none of you celebrated to excess. :-{

  11. gogouci Says:

    You are so lucky to have found a pot of gold and celebrate two years of marriage. Happy anniversary to the two of you!

  12. Faith n begorra 'tis the honeymooners. I left behind me topper so's ye find it.
    signed: Leppy

    And from me--Happy Anniversary to your whole family. MB

  13. brian stout Says:

    happy anniversary!! (belated) =)

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