Doggie Focal Point

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A slightly different view of a downtown Olympia street corner through our dog's eye.


  1. He could see that a mile away. LOL MB

  2. lol!

  3. AB Says:

    Good to see you things colour-coded for our four-legged friends.

  4. Hilda Says:

    LOL! This just made my day!

    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving comments while my husband and I were away, Don! I really, really appreciate it. We just got back this afternoon. Big hug from Manila!

  5. Lol, this is excellent!

  6. Yolanda Says:

    That is cute - very clever! I like the selective color!

  7. Thanks all.

    It was time for a chuckle. ;-)

  8. Hilda: Welcome back to you both and thanks for taking the time to stop by here too.

  9. gogouci Says:

    Too funny.

  10. Lois Says:

    This is a great shot and very funny too!

  11. lewi14 Says:

    It's a funny work.

  12. Heheheee That's definitely noticeable! LoL! Very cool

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