Short Bus

Monday, April 12, 2010

Again, as promised here's one last shot from this weekend's Capital City Spring Fling, and all VW car show/swap meet. If you're just tuning in check out the past two day's posts for a couple of other shots from this event. Today's shot was hand picked by my wife. This one really caught her eye. I'm sure some of you (now come on....let's go back a few years) remember when it was pretty popular to build these "shorty" vans, busses and other classic cars. This one though has got to be one of the shortest wheelbases I've ever seen. It looks to me like about the time you turn a corner your rear end is trying to pass you! Cool daddy-o!

P.S. Flower power frame picked by our youngest daughter. Fitting, I'd say.


  1. brian stout Says:

    they have one of these up in poplar bluff, missouri where i was born. very cool! i'll have to snap a shot of it next time i'm up there.

    and yes, i'm hoping that 5k feels like a walk thru the park after this 10k! i've been invited to do a marathon next feb - 26 miles... one would have to be crazy to do that, right?

  2. tapirgal Says:

    I remember the original bugs, I missed the short wheel-base thing (where was I?), and the flower-power frame is just too perfect!

    Re: Astoria. You have to see everyting. No problem, keep the list simple :D

  3. gogouci Says:

    Very cute shorty. The head light visors add to the 'cute' factor too.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Ha,ha what a cute car!!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You will probably think I am even older when I tell you I had never heard of these "shorty" vans and other classic cars until I landed here this morning. It is cute, like a bug. No pun intended.

  6. Love the short bus - so cute! We miss our old orange bus - now that was fun transportation : )
    Darryl and Ruth

  7. Lois Says:

    It's so cute!

  8. Hilda Says:

    Cute, adorable and hot!
    Not words I usually use together, unless the subject is a male. ;)

    Your youngest daughter has the heart of a hippie. Flower power!

  9. Love the flower framing but boy does that one look strange like that!

  10. Thanks all.

    brian stout: You'll have to post a photo of it next time you're there.

    tapirgal: Just close your eyes and have a flashback. Then you'll remember. :-)

    gogouci: Yeah, my wife thought those did too.

    mypixelsblog: I don't know that they were popular in all parts of the country, but once in a while one pops out of the woodwork.

    Living in Williamsburg: Thanks for following along, and I'm jealous. One of these days we'll own one.

    Hilda: Whoa! Well, at least you keep your eyes open! ;-)
    Yeah, I guess she is our little version of a hippie.

    cieldequimper: It looks like if you stop too fast you'd end up on your nose.

  11. Jacob Says:

    In my experience, this is truly unique...never saw anything like it. But it's cute as a bug (pardon the pun)...and looks like it might be more stable than the normal size vans (which, as I recall, tended to tip over in high winds!)

  12. AB Says:

    I have never seen this form of pimping before. It is wonderful. Sort of an ironic comment on the stretch limo

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