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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The past couple of days I've shown you a couple of views of the town of Steilacoom, which is about half an hour north of Olympia. While we were there this past Monday I spotted these two characters just takin' it easy. I'm guessing they're paid lookouts for the seagulls. Notice the train tracks running along the water and the young fellow sitting on the rocks relaxing. This is a popular spot to do just that and our contribution to Watery Wednesday.

For more Watery Wednesday shots click the link below.


  1. Hilda Says:

    I hope they get paid well by the seagulls. I hear gulls can get quite greedy and don't like sharing.

    I can understand why this is popular for just hanging and relaxing — it looks so peaceful.

    Love the varied textures in this photo.

  2. eileeninmd Says:

    It is a beautiful scene. Great photo!

  3. gogouci Says:

    These guys have a great vantage point and job.

  4. Lois Says:

    Darrell and Darrell look well fed!

  5. brian stout Says:

    it really is beautiful, looks like it could be a postcard =)

  6. Jacob Says:

    Excellent photograph! It's the kind of place I'd love to walk about and explore and maybe, just maybe take a picture or two!

  7. Hilda: Yep, those gulls are a tough bunch. Thanks for stopping by Hilda!

    eileeninmd: Thank you very much.

    gogouci: Looks like a rough life doesn't it?

    Lois: Chubby little fellows.

    brian stout: Thanks Brian.

    Jacob: It's handy my camera is almost surgically attached. It goes virtually everywhere with me.

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