The Clouds are Winning

Friday, August 21, 2009
Well, here we are, the end of another week. Since neither my wife or I felt like cooking tonight we decided to go out to dinner. So, Applebee's here we come. Parmesan steak and shrimp for the wife, and chicken fried steak for me. When we were done we waddled out to the truck to head for home. Looking across the parking lot we decided to capture some of the last rays of the day for our SkyWatch Friday photo. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

For more great SkyWatch Friday shots click the link below.

Skywatch Friday


  1. gogouci Says:

    I had the Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Bowl right before I crossed the street to attend the Night of Fire car show. I'm still stuffed. Have a great weekend.

  2. Great sky--ominous and yet I still see some blue under it all. There was a little rain this morning but it did turn out to be a beautiful and just right type of day up this way. MB

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Stopped by to say, "Hi," and to wish you guys a happy weekend. Hope it is a cool one, but warm.

    The Great Darke County Fair is on here now up in Greenville, Ohio where Annie Oakley is from and it is the largest in the state. I would go as it is only supposed to get to 71 today. It will be nice for everyone. But I might get in trouble as the walks are long and the oxygen bottle only lasts one hour. LOL

  4. At almost lunchtime, you're making me hungry! The colours of the sky are amazing, the blue is surprising! Have a great weekend too!

  5. Hilda Says:

    Those clouds look ominous, but I love the blue and silver peeking through.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend too! Mine's halfway through already!

  6. Jacob Says:

    Well, I really wasn't hungry until I read this post. The sky is beautiful, but I've got to go get something to eat.

    Have a nice weekend.

  7. Thanks to you all for stopping by. I didn't mean to make your stomachs growl. (Well maybe just a little.)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like a good dinner was had by all.
    What a pretty cloudy sunset you captured!

  9. Lois Says:

    Beautiful! Now I might have to go to Applebee's this week.

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