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Monday, August 17, 2009
First of all, if this building looks somewhat familiar it's because I have posted it before from another angle here. It's the original Washington State Capitol Building in downtown Olympia. Why post it again? Well, this past Saturday evening my wife and I went to her grandmother's birthday party. It seems I am always the one at these functions taking the photos. At one point she called me inside the house to show me something. It was a book of photography , "From Tacoma to Paradise Park" by A.H. Barnes, Parkland Washington published in 1905. She told me that the book was a gift from her father, a tugboat captain for Foss Maratime. She treasured the book and carried it with her for years as it has strong sentimental value. She explained that it was time to pass it along to someone who truly had a love for photography and history. In searching for information about Barnes and the book, I found a wonderful website of digital photos courtesy of The University of Washington. For more information about A.H. Barnes click here. To see a slightly older photo of the old State Capitol Building taken by A.H. Barnes click here.

For more monochrome maniacs and their shots click the link below.


  1. ~Cheryl Says:

    Wow--what a treasure she has in that book! I love special things like this.

  2. What an exciting find. How nice of Grandmother to think of you to pass the book along. I would still be looking at the pictures. Why not go back to where a certain picture was taken and see what is there today. I have a neat book by a fellow who did just that---here in Washington. MB

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Altogether a charming post.
    The different styles demonstrated by the old original and your picture are interesting - Barnes constrained by the nature of his large field camera with plates and yours unconstrained in every sense.
    I appreciate the Barnes as a child of its time but prefer yours.

  4. Mo Says:

    Love the B&W image of this great building

  5. Steffe Says:

    It's a beautiful building at it looks really good in black and white. And what a great gift from your wife's grandmother.

  6. Linnea W Says:

    What a great story...the lighting on this is wonderful and the mono treatment really enhances the building's beauty. It's a very majestic...

  7. Jacob Says:

    Well, how nice is that? A truly wonderful gift from the heart. She must not only like your photos, but she must like you!

    Thanks for a great pic and a great story!

  8. Thanks everyone for the kind words.
    I was glad that we were able to find so much information about Mr Barnes online.

    Thanks to new visitors ~Cheryl, Aileni & Mo for stopping by and your comments. I'll be sure and return the favor and stop by your places.

    Jacob: It's a darn good thing she likes me. (for my sake) ;-)

  9. Jacob Says:

    I know what you're saying, Don. Lois' paternal grandmother was a feisty one, but she thought I was great and we had lots of fun when she'd come and visit - which she did often! I wouldn't have wanted to get on her bad side, though.

  10. Lovely post. I remember when my grandmother gave me books that she cherished. Books of where she grew up in another century, places that have changed so much she wouldn't recognize them. The photo works well in black and white.

  11. Chuck Pefley Says:

    Congratulations! Great story and wonderful treasure you have received.

  12. Lois Says:

    She really must think highly of you to give you something that means so much to her! Maybe you can pass it on to someone special one day.

  13. ciel: I'll bet you treasure those books too.

    Chuck: Thank you.

    Lois: Yes, we get along pretty well, and they will go to another good home eventually. Perhaps the historical society.

  14. Hilda Says:

    History and photography — what a wonderful treasure! I think she chose wisely.

    The building is beautiful in monochrome. It almost looks like a castle in extensive landscaped gardens :)

  15. tapirgal Says:

    This is really special. I love this building and the way you photographed it. The tree's shadow is just so moody and beautiful - also a little like a scene from an old detective movie. Great building, great photo. Wonderful stuff, and that book certainly found a good home!

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