Department of Labor and Industries

Saturday, August 8, 2009
Over the past couple of years or so a number of the departments of The State of Washington have relocated from the downtown Olympia area to the Tumwater area several miles south. One of the departments that didn't have to move was The Department of Labor and Industries. They were already established in Tumwater just one block off Interstate 5.  Whether you view this building from the front (pictured here) or the backside from the freeway the blue glass cone catches your eye.  


  1. It's nice modern architecture. I'm probably way off the mark here but that glass part strikes me as having possibly been inspired by Native American lodges like the one to be found on the Yakama reservation. Whatever the influence may be, I like it!

  2. It is very beautiful. Can it be seen from the freeway? Is that where our tax dollars are going. Ah well......MB

  3. Shadow Says:

    It is a lovely building!

  4. Lois Says:

    That is nice! None of our state office buildings look like that around here. They are almost all boring and white!

  5. Jacob Says:

    That is a very striking building. And I think you've finally explained to me the difference between blue glass and bluegrass! ;-)

  6. Hilda Says:

    It sure does and I like it! Its particular shade of blue — more like teal — is very attractive.

  7. MB: I actually think they spent more on the self cleaning public toilets in Seattle. At least this building won't end up on eBay. ;-)

    Jacob: Good one!

    Thank you all.

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