Muff vs Mac

Monday, August 3, 2009

Okay, so last year for my birthday my wonderful wife told me she wanted to get me a dog. She knew I wanted a Boston Terrier. We already had a French Bulldog (Otis), but he's kind of slow moving. The Boston is more of a high energy dog without being all out hyper. Enter Muffy, (August 2008 birthday present). She has been wonderful. She's a great companion for Otis as well as the rest of us, she is as friendly as can be, (to people that is) and she's just a loving dog. So, why the worried look you ask? I don't know if you noticed but over her shoulder is this year's birthday present, a sexy new 24" iMac!!!!!! Wahoooooo!!! I've been waiting for years to get one, and now finally here it is. As soon as I brought it home today I started clearing the old PC off the cool gray retro tanker desk. Then I started unboxing it. Once it was all set up and in place I have to admit, that modern silver iMac sitting atop that desk was pretty cool. Cool enough I think that someone is a little worried that she's being replaced. I told her not to worry though. There's room in the house for both of them. Then I told her not to get any hair on it.


  1. Lynette Says:

    You're a blessed, lucky, special man, hands down.

    I don't know if they actually saw me and reacted that quickly to my camera, but, hey, I didn't ask them to come walking down the sidewalk looking all photogenic. I'm kidding! In looking at the photos at the largest size, the glaring eyes are pointed to my left--hooray!

  2. Dusty Lens Says:

    Careful, she is a terrier, that means the remote, sell, and mouse may become chew toys. :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Now we can expect all sorts of changes with your blog and blog posts. It did that to me. Not the iMac I got but any new computer does it. By the time I get the stuff transferred I am worn out. It took me a long time to get used to mine but now I can do most things that I do on my PCs.

    I with somebody would get me a new dog for my next birthday. I really like dogs and in 2006, after our last one died, mom said we (she) didn't want to go through the death thing again.

    The steel desk sounds neat. I never had one but I did have an old desk from NCR once that I fixed up and painted a nice dragon on the front.

    Thanks for the visit.

  4. Lois Says:

    Muffy is adorable! Look at those eyes! Congratulations on your new iMac. I just got a new MacBook Pro and I'm still getting used to it.

  5. Lynette: Yes indeed I am blessed.

    Dusty Lens: We've been really lucky. The only thing she's chewed is her retractable leash. She mangled that thing.

    Abe: It's going to be fun learning and getting comfortable with the iMac. I love it.

    Lois: Congratulations to you too. I was going to go with the MacBook Pro at one time, but decided a desktop would be better. The screen is so big and so clear it makes your photos look amazing.

  6. Jacob Says:

    You lucky dog! [And I'm not talking about Muffy!] One of these days I'm going to bite the bullet and get an iMac.

    Meanwhile, you better tell Muffy not to play with that mouse. Only cats can play with mouses. ;-)

  7. Tow prized possessions! Lucky you!

  8. Shadow Says:

    What a face! Happy birthday, I hope you enjoy your new toy!

  9. Jacob: I am a lucky dog indeed.

    ciel: The dog is higher maintenance though. :)

    Shadow: Thank you much!

  10. tapirgal Says:

    Amusing commentary, and a fun peek into the sanctuary where your blog originates (no, that would be your mind . . . ). Ah, that may be true, too! :) Thanks for the cool post! Nice puppies and computer!

  11. Steffe Says:

    Two great birthday gifts in one photo.

  12. How did I miss that sweet pup. I don't think she is worried but I do think she will get hair and maybe slobber on the Mac. Ha!!! MB

  13. Brett Says:

    How cute!!!!

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