Remember Whensday - Sis and Dad's Packard

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It had been a couple of weeks since I had posted an old photo so I thought it was time. This is one of my favorite of the old color photos I have. This is my sister, who is eight years older than I am standing by Dad's prize possession back then. His 1953 Packard. While he served in the Korean War Dad sent money home to his parents as he could to save up for a new car when he came home. This is what he bought. Also if you're doing the math while your reading this I would guess my sister was about six or seven in this photo. Yep, a little before I came along in 1957.

For more nostalgic photos check out Remember Whensday by clicking the link below.



  1. Rob Says:

    Your sis is a cutie!
    Well, the cars in that time were so much nicer than today!
    Time for me to go to work, at the R and D office of a big french car manufacturer (name starts with an R). You made my day with that picture! Might have some ideas there!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh that Packard was a big car with torsion bar suspension which I was not able to understand when I was a kid. 1953 was the year I landed in Japan and didn't get back home until 1956. I rode in the Packards in 1951 or 1952 when they first came out with torsion bar suspension.

    You came along in 1957 which was the year I was discharged from the Army. I am putting together a kind of blog about my village and my family and was looking for some old photos of the kids. I got lots of them but put some up on it from 1957 at the bottom of the blog. If you wanted to see them you could go to an old blog I had not worked on for a long time

    and see the photos there.

  3. Jacob Says:

    Sweet sis! Is she still a sweet sis?

    But the many memories...and that was a fantastic vehicle. Solid as a rock.

    But, you know, most all those cars rattled. You could tighten every screw, every nut until you went blind, and hit a rough road and they rattled. It seemed no matter what you did, and just when you thought you had 'em all, there would be one little rattle that you couldn't find and it would drive you nuts - kinda like a mosquito that keeps buzzing your head that you can't ever see...

    Love the photo! Good memories. I was around then...and I'm older than your sister...

    In fact, we married in 1957!

  4. Rob: If I start seeing those cars coming out looking like this I'll know where the idea came from.

    Abe: This one was originally a straight eight, but Dad replaced it with the V-8. Big improvement.

    Jacob: I imagine you do remember these well then. I'll have to drag out one of the photos of him drag racing this car. Great stuff.

    Oh, and yes she's still a sweetie.

  5. Wow, that car is huge! Your sister is sweet!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Packard made great cars. I had a '49 in the early fifties.


  7. Lynette Says:

    Oh, boy, do I love this photo! No wonder it's a favorite of yours--it's fantastic! Oh, I came along in 1947. Wonder what Abraham Lincoln was doing that year?

  8. Cute little girl and a nice car... a very nice photo!

  9. Lois Says:

    What a gorgeous car! 1953 was a very good year.

  10. Hilda Says:

    What a handsome, and huge!, car! My legs won't be cramped for space in that thing. ;)

    Thank you for your concern, thoughts and prayers. God bless you both!

  11. gogouci Says:

    Oh my. They're beauties!!! I'm in chrome heaven.

  12. Steffe Says:

    What gogouci said!

  13. AB Says:

    Cool car, cool young lady, cool hairdo!

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