Sepia Scenes - There's Always Room for Cello.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Taken from right down in the front row at our oldest daughter's high school concert Friday evening. We loved it. Man those kids are good. Last time they impressed us with an all string version of Led Zepelin's Kashmir. This time it was The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby. Very cool.

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  1. Lynette Says:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful photo. I know y'all had a wonderful time. I adore "Eleanor Rigby" and remember fondly how beautiful it was played by the symphony who joined the Beatles tribute band last year at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. It makes my heart swell and my eyes fill. Thanks for the photo and the memory.

  2. tapirgal Says:

    Yes, this is gorgeous. I love cellos - clever title for the pic. I wish I could have heard Kashmir. I'm sure they were both fantastic. If I lived closer, I'd come and listen.

  3. Day4plus Says:

    Excellent shot. How clever. MB

  4. Oh I forgot to mention that the bridge you like on my post is the road over Cow Creek at the ranch in Ritzville. MB

  5. Kim Says:

    It took me a minute to recover from laughing so hard at your PERFECT title for your top shot. What a hoot. I never know if it is Don or Krise who posts shots and comments on other blogs, but whichever of you it is you have a killer wit. . .maybe you trade off and both of you write. Love these two shots, just for photo's sake, too.

    PS, I have a special love for bench shots and my husband played cello for many years and it is such a wonderful instrument. Fun to see the whole section sitting on the floor.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The top shot is wonderful and the cello looks right at home there.

  7. Hilda Says:

    I have no idea what Kim finds so funny and I feel like I'm missing a big thing! Sigh. If it has to do with the song, then it's useless — my husband despairs of my ever remembering titles and lyrics. You have to hum it for me. ;)

    Love the photo though, especially how everything else is blurry except for the center cello.

  8. Lois Says:

    Lovely shot of the stage! I like their director's choice of music too.

  9. brian stout Says:

    Nice photo... Out high school didn't have any strings in the band... I always wanted to learn to play the violin :)

  10. superb image. just gorgeous. we just got back from Tanzania Africa so we are catching up on everyone's sites this week.

  11. Rob Says:

    Cool photo! I can see how this would be a fun concert to hear a Zeppelin in string. I didn't think the younger generation listened to the oldies.

  12. mia Says:

    Oooh I just heard a remake of Eleanor Rigby yesterday. I love The Beatles! And that's a great shot! I'm glad high school kids know great music. :) Led Zep and The Beatles rock.

  13. Jacob Says:

    Nicely done! Don't you just love it when the kids play well. I've heard some pretty awful middle school bands (like the one I was in in Jr. High!)...

    This is just one cool photo!

  14. Cello and Eleanor Rigby? Isn't that slightly depressing, lol?!

  15. Chuck Pefley Says:

    Nice ... brings back memories of when I played the 'cello. Interesting selection of music for string arrangement.

  16. Thanks everyone!

    Kim: You get extra points for getting the title. This is Don, and I probably take responsibility for about 90% of the silliness on here. I may be in my early 50's but I'm not quite ready to grow up yet. ;-)

    I do remember reading in one of your posts that your husband played cello. They really do sound beautiful.

    One more thing, the second shot isn't a post. It's copied and pasted from the Sepia Scenes website.

    Hilda: Don't you remember the commercial that went " There's always room for Jello"?

    Chuck Pefley: That's right. I do recall you mentioning that you played cello. The Zepelin song was from the last concert, The Beatle's song was from this one. I can't wait to see what they come up with next time.

  17. Sistertex Says:

    LOL, Love the title. It has been ages since we have attended a High School, or even College, concert. I miss them, I always thought the kids played so well!

    Great job!

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