Day Trip

Sunday, June 28, 2009

First of all, I'll lead off with an apology for not posting yesterday. It seems that last night someone in our area hit a pole with their car, knocking out our cable. No internet, no TV. This morning we got up and headed for Portland, Oregon for the day. It's a great city with lots to do, and lots to see. The first place we headed to was Powell's Books. For most of you that are not familiar with this store, you could literally pack a lunch to go there. It basically takes up an entire city block and has three stories. An absolutely amazing place. Never a dull moment though, as we weren't inside the store five minutes and someone shoplifted something which set off the alarm. As soon as an employee asked him to stop he bolted for the door and across the busy street with the employee a few steps behind. I'm not sure if he caught him or not. After we deposited some money there, we headed across town to grab a bite to eat. Last week in one of our posts we had commented to Lynette over at Portland Daily Photo that we were going to be heading down to Portland to spend the day she suggested we eat at the "3 Doors Down Cafe". Her son Lamont is Sous Chef there. Well, we took her up on her suggestion and were not disappointed. We got there just before 4:00 when they open. We waited a few minutes while they set out tables and chairs on the sidewalk. It was a beautiful day and it would give us an opportunity to people watch. My wife had the spaghetti with clams in a white wine sauce, and I had the more traditional spaghetti with meatballs. Both were very delicious. Our waiter had asked us what brought us to that restaurant so we told him it was at the suggestion of Lamont's Mother. When we finished our meal and were about to leave the waiter came back out carrying a wonderful looking slice of banana cream pie topped with whipped cream, drizzled with caramel & sprinkled with chocolate shavings. One bite was all it took. It was fantastic! What a wonderful gesture and a wonderful experience. A great way to top off the day. After that we headed back across town to the rose gardens where we strolled through and took about a hundred photos. Once we were done there it was time to head for home. Again, a big thank you Lynette and to your gracious son Lamont. We thoroughly appreciated the food and service.


  1. Brett Says:

    What a great day that sounded.

  2. Abe Lincoln Says:

    Amazing. That a whole bunch of people lose touch with the rest of the world because of one pole. That would be difficult, at best, if the air conditioning went out with it.

  3. Lois Says:

    Sounds like a perfect day! I really like the name of this place and the sign. It looks so rustic! You have made me a little hungry though.

  4. I'm glad you had a good day! I'm all ready for supper now! ;-)

  5. Shadow Says:

    Great, now I'm hungry for pasta. I know what will be on the menu tonight!

  6. Yes it was a good day. Thanks everyone!

  7. Lynette Says:

    I can't tell you how thrilled I am that y'all took me up on my suggestion and went to 3 Doors Down Cafe for Sunday dinner. The spaghetti and meatballs is one of my absolute favorite entrees. And that banana cream pie, oh my.

    I haven't posted today like I had planned to--with a photo or more from Lincoln City. Things didn't go as planned--Mama had a spell, or something, and ended up in the ER there. They sent her back to Portland to her usual hospital, in an ambulance with the lights and siren going. She seems OK at a glance, but evidently there is something going on with her heart. The ER doctor said that her EKGs and the last ones on file at her usual hospital are radically different as he put it, thus the decision to get her home and under the care of a cardiologist. She's got a history of a blockage on her heart that was angioplastied in January, 1991. We'll see after they do some test tomorrow. Duncan, the mini dachshund, and I packed up our stuff at the motel and came on home. We're tired and about to hit the hay.

    It made me very happy to see your photo of the sign at 3 Doors Down. Thanks!

  8. Lynette: We're so sorry to hear about Mama. I'm sure you have her in good hands. We will say a little prayer for her. I'll bet you really are tired. Thanks for taking the time to comment here. Take care.

  9. tapirgal Says:

    Great sign, great pic, great story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Powell's (which I love) and your meal :) I'll have to check out the restaurant sometime!

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