Saturday, June 6, 2009

Every once in a while my wife and I get a weekend without kids. Today after we both worked, we had a chance to take a nice relaxing walk in one of the local parks. This caught our eye as we were walking along the trail.


  1. AB Says:

    It must be a nice park.

  2. Peaceful yes and doesn't the sound soothe you? It does me. I loved the waterfalls historic road between Hood River and Portland...

  3. Hilda Says:

    Very pretty!

    It took me some time to realize it was water — at first I thought it was some kind of white moss. I know, I know — there's probably no such thing, but that's what my poor mind got stuck on ;)

  4. Nice...

  5. Shadow Says:

    What a beautiful spot, how lucky you two were to find it!

  6. Lynette Says:

    Thanks for your intriguing, sharing, and lovely recent posts. I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through them. I think my favorite is the twin silos--love the perspective, the shapes and the colors. And thanks for your visits and comments at Portland Oregon Daily Photo.

  7. what a gorgeous waterfall photo. I can hear the sound of the water and feel the sense of peace basking over me. Waterfalls always have a good effect on people. I am glad you are enjoying the Phoenician and Camelback Mountain series. It was fun to put together.

  8. Kcalpesh Says:

    This simply very beautiful. Thanks for sharing this awsome picture!

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