Highway Cows

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On the outskirts of Olympia along Highway 101, these metal bovine have greeted drivers for several years. Made from old oil tanks they include the bull who looks like he's guarding the twenty acres around him, the cow, & a suckling calf. Don't you love roadside Americana?


  1. Lois Says:

    I love it, especially when it is so random!

  2. ശിവ Says:

    Yes, I also love it....

  3. Isn't it just great. I love the randomness of roadside art. Like SURPRISE!!.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. MB

  4. They are FUN!

  5. AB Says:

    I love them. What a great idea!

  6. lavenderlady Says:

    I do, I do! It has been hot up my way. How about you?

  7. Thanks all!

    lavenderlady: Thanks for stopping by again. Yes, it was pretty warm down here today. Try to stay cool.

  8. Shadow Says:

    I had to do a double-take! Then I wondered where you found such RED cows! This is great.

  9. Yeah, that red is from a "high iron" diet. ;)

  10. tapirgal Says:

    Roadside America is often interesting, but not always as attractive as this. This is fantastic! :)

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