No Parking..........Yet

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

As I was driving through downtown Olympia this evening I spotted this building. Unoccupied, but nearing completion this work of art is the parking garage for the employees of The Washington State Employees Credit Union Headquarters. Having outgrown their previous location a newer more modern facility is on track to be completed this fall. This parking garage was quite eye catching due to the numerous hinged glass panels. My wife pointed out the tetris game going on in the brick foundation.


  1. this is some building. both of your observations are directly on point and make the building more interesting. it is the coolest parking garage i have seen in a long time. the glass is gorgeous. I am glad you enjoyed the bird and the statue on my site.

  2. Nice building for 'them that gots'. Good eye on the tetras design. MB

  3. Incredible. I would have imagined this was the office building. We have so little space here that all our garages are beneath the buildings!

  4. gogouci Says:

    Very interesting design for a parking garage. Most are such eyesores.

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