Let There Be Light

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Like many photographers I often rely on luck rather than skill. Being at the right place at the right time, etc. As I was walking through the Olympia Masonic Center I couldn't help but admire the ray of light across these markers. I admit I missed yesterday's photo. Sorry, it couldn't be helped. I guess there's nothing to do but pick up and keep going. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We are going to head north to spend the day in Seattle tomorrow. There certainly are plenty of opportunities for good photos there.


  1. Perfect capture. gotta take the shot when ya can.
    Have a good day in Seattle. Head up to everett and visit their 'Sorticulture' at Legion Park. All kinds of garden goodies. MB

  2. AB Says:

    Oh yes, in the large version of the photo "Catherine Moore" is bathed in golden sunshine.

  3. Yes, very well done. Divine light.

  4. Thanks everyone.
    MB: I'd like to see that one of these days. Today it's the Pike Place Market, The Crab Pot and who knows what else. :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Your ray of light on the markers is like things that happen in the early morning and late evening when I try to take most of my photos. Sometimes there is just a tiny bit of light that strikes the bird or the flower and then that is what I focus on. This is an excellent photograph for all the right reasons.

  6. tapirgal Says:

    This is very beautiful. What is it they say about opportunity being luck combined with planning? You were ready with the camera!

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