Whatcha Got There??

Monday, June 29, 2009

This shot was taken at the wonderful Rose Garden in Portland Oregon yesterday. Let me tell you, these little guys are no dummies. They will milk it for all it's worth. People were feeding them everything from nuts to M&M mini's. There was one squirrel in particular there that was so fat he didn't walk, he waddled. I would have posted his picture but I didn't have my wide angle lens. I was waiting for this guy to take a bite of my wife's finger as she didn't have any food in her hand. She was just giving me a photo op. What a sacrafice.


  1. Jilly Says:

    Too cute. I laughed that you didn't have your wide angle lens!

  2. Mo Says:

    They are much the same in the parks in London. They will bite if you pretend to offer food and they find you haven't got anything.

  3. B SQUARED Says:

    They do have incredible minds to achieve food.

  4. Beggars. I see Abe has a squirrel on his blog too. MB

  5. Lois Says:

    Too funny that you didn't have the wide angle lens! I have way too many on these guys in my backyard. They are always trying to raid my birdfeeders.

  6. Cute!

  7. Steffe Says:

    Another cool squirrel. Nice to get some free food every now and then. Although it must be hard to pose for all the photographers!

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