Tova's Human

Sunday, June 21, 2009

This afternoon it was sunny with a pretty good breeze blowing. We decided to take our two dogs and go for a walk around Capitol Lake. We hadn't got very far before a man walking a dog approached us. It's not uncommon for people to come up to us when we have our dogs out. One of them is a French Bulldog named Otis. You may remember him from this previous post. He's quite a little character. Anyway the man said nothing, but pointed to Otis as if to ask if it was okay for his dog to greet Otis. My wife told him sure, he's very friendly. We noticed his dog had a "Service Dog" jacket on. He appeared to be an older dog, slow moving and blind in one eye. It was then that the man brought out a pen and paper. He started writing and showing it to my wife. It became apparant at that time that he could hear but not speak. He asked about our dog, the history of the breed, etc. My wife then asked about his dog. He wrote that his dog's name is Tova. He adopted him from the pound on Halloween 1996. They have been partners ever since. After a couple more exchanges of questions and answers he smiled, nodded and signed thank you, then continued on their walk. Everybody needs a best friend, and we believe Tova's Human certainly has one.


  1. What a neat encounter. If it wasn't for the dogs it never would have happened. MB

  2. Chuck Pefley Says:

    Nice story. One never knows what interaction lies along the path. Glad you accepted the invitation to pause and share.

  3. That's a lovely, lovely story.

  4. tapirgal Says:

    What a nice description of a heartwarming encounter. I am smiling!

  5. Now and then people cross your path, and afterward do leave you smiling. I'm glad you all enjoyed the story. It was a good day.

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