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Sunday, September 6, 2009

In yesterday's post I told you about Harbor Days in downtown Olympia this weekend. A yearly maritime celebration of tugboats, various crafts, etc. One of those vendors selling their talents is Harold W Johnson. He's been painting full time for forty five years. He's a member of The International Society of Marine Painters, as well as The Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters. At first we started to walk by his tent, then something caught our eyes so we went in. There were various paintings hanging inside the tent and a table full of his work. The more we looked, the more we appreciated how very talented this man really is. I looked up and just outside the back of the tent there he was working on a painting. I thought this would be a great photo to show you all so I went back and asked him if he minded if I took his picture. He smiled and said "Sure go right ahead." I tried not to resize this photo down too much so you get a better look at his work. His paintings of the boats and their reflections across the water are amazing. I have to say though, one our favorites was his self-portrait.


  1. Beautiful and lovely !! This is what i can say..Great..

  2. How neat. Oh to be able to paint at all. His paintings are wonderful.

    BTW: regarding the new bridge in Stanwood: fortunately I do not have to travel over it unless I want to go to Camano and that is not too often. MB

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It is nice to watch an artist working. I got a good dose of this when my mom and I went to the county fair and watched while this man brushed out one oil painting after another and sold them still wet. Amazing.

    This person is a detailed artist from the looks of his work. He puts a lot of effort into each piece and that is probably what sells it for him.

    Interesting post.

  4. Lois Says:

    How lucky he is to be able to make a living doing something he loves so much!

  5. Jacob Says:

    I like! Great post and wonderful portrait! I envy people who can create art like Mr. Johnson!

    And thanks so much for your very kind words on Cedar Key DP!!!

  6. Dusty Lens Says:

    Art creating art. nice in work portrait, here.

  7. AB Says:

    What a beard, what a shirt. He must be an artist!

  8. Rob Says:

    Wonderful subject, wonderful photo, wonderful blog!

  9. Thanks everyone.
    MB: Gotcha. I just knew that some of your posts came from there.

    Abe: I agree. His attention to detail is amazing.

    Jacob: Anytime my friend! They are well deserved.

    Dusty Lens: I appreciate that.

    AB: He's got "the look" doesn't he?

    Rob: I'm flattered. Thank you much.

  10. Steffe Says:

    That guy is good. And he sure looks like an artist.Very impressive work.

  11. Steffe: It actually reminded me of one of your posts not too long ago about another artist.

  12. Lynette Says:

    Wow! That man's talent is amazing. I'm so glad he agreed to the photo so that you could share it with us. Thanks!

  13. excellent portrait. very well done and I like the harbor days photo also. I am glad you enjoyed the mare and colt on my site today. As you can see, I started a series on my website from my photography tour. It was quite an interesting trip to the slot canyon and Vermillion Cliffs. Also, if you like travel photos, we have posted action photos from Buenos Aires, Argentina on our travel photo site, Happy Monday!

  14. Thanks Lynette, Thanks Julie!

  15. tapirgal Says:

    This guy knows what he's doing!

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