Patiently Waiting

Saturday, September 26, 2009
As we were walking along the docks downtown recently I spied this little boat. I couldn't decide whether it had just come back in and was resting, or if it was patiently waiting for someone to take it out.


  1. tapirgal Says:

    This is so cool! It's hard to tell where the water is. The boat seems to float in the sky. Nice!!!!

  2. Beautiful shot !! Peaceful too !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

  3. It's cute and there's a lovely reflection, Tapirgal's said it better than I!

  4. maiaT Says:

    What an amazing sky reflection.
    Wonderful capture.

  5. It almost looks like it was hooked to the boat in front of it and is waiting to follow it back out but then the thing in front is a dock I would guess and not a kind of barge. I really liked the colors in the photograph. To me, color and intensity of color is neat and one of the best things you can have. I sort of grew up on black and white from camera film before color film and black and white television before color came out. I remember we used to sit around the set on Sundays waiting on the Kraft food commercials to show up in living color. Our first color set was out exposure to color television and wow what a beautiful thing that was.

    Thanks for visiting my Grackle.

  6. Hilda Says:

    I wish I knew how to wait just as patiently.

    I love the reflection of your beautiful blue sky on the water!

  7. Jacob Says:

    I think it lost its mommy. But it is a cute little thing...and looks to be a dinghy thingy propelled by oars...

    Love boats, water and reflections so this shot is a real winner. What a great sky in the water!

    Great eye; super job!

    Oh, Lois Anne and I - you can praise her all you wish...this is, she says, a "team" effort (we started dating in 1954!) ... she tells me, "OK, team, take this photo at f5.6, 1/250!" And I do it.

    Yea, team! :-))

  8. What a super shot. Maybe it is just resting on a bed of clouds. Nice!!! MB

  9. Phenomenal shot!!! My husband just applied to his dream job in Seattle! Keeping our fingers crossed!!!! We want to come back home!!!!
    Zingo Tots

  10. I appreciate the comments everyone.

    Jacob: You're not alone buddy. I follow orders too. It contributes to living longer. ;-}

    Cameron's Mommy: I'm glad you're liking these local shots. Good luck to him on the job and the whole family for getting to come back to the northwest.

  11. gogouci Says:

    Oooh...beautiful glassy water surface. Great reflection perspective - small dinghy surrounded by towering masts.

  12. AB Says:

    I think it was patiently waiting for you to take a picture of it.

  13. brian stout Says:

    i really love this shot, with the reflections in the water and the whole composition. beautiful.

  14. Lynette Says:

    Gosh, what a great photo. It's so well-composed and well-photographed. Thanks!

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