The Shell Game

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I had to hit the rewind button on this one. My wife reminded me of our trip to Pt Defiance Park a couple of weeks ago. Remember this waterfall? Well just around the corner lie these turtles, sunning themselves on a nice warm rock. They were so relaxed, so comfortable that they hardly made a move. In fact it took my wife, older daughter and I about fifteen minutes of standing there watching them with our non believing seven year old for her to agree they were real. You know, it would have only taken a second or two for us to say that they weren't, but something makes us parents just keep working at it.


  1. brian stout Says:

    lol =) they can sit there like statues for long periods of time! and btw, i am all over the one day work week. i will start advocating for that right away!

  2. Zingo Tots Says:

    Beautiful picture!

  3. Beautiful shot and lovely photo !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

  4. Rob Says:

    the colors are gorgeous!

  5. That is so totally neat. Super picture. Love it. MB

  6. Lois Says:

    How cute! I know what you mean about working at it. I think it has something to do with the payoff of seeing their little face light up when they get it!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for visiting my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog and for your comment about not being able to properly use a fountain pen.

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    Turtles are scare around here. I have been to the creeks more than once this spring and never saw one and no frogs or snakes. I may have been way to early and they could have been in the water still hibernating but I just thought they are less of them nowadays than there used to be.

    You did get a magnificent photograph and the water is stunning around the base of the rock. Excellent photography. I wish you had also taken a photo of just one of the turtle's head or mouth or eyes. They have such dramatic colors -- gosh I wish I had a turtle to go take a picture of.

  8. AB Says:

    I think the pea is under the tortoise at the bottom.

  9. Thanks everyone.

    Lois: Yep, you are right.

    Abe: You're right. I wish I did have a close up. Hey, maybe I could UPS one of these guys to you.

  10. Jacob Says:

    Hey, not to worry; this is one heck of a nice photo....great colors and the reflection is's also nice and sharp!

    Love the title!

  11. Jacob: Thank you sir! The nice thing about shooting turtles is they hold still. ;-}

  12. tapirgal Says:

    Due to having too many blogger pages open and getting confused, I posted my reply on my comments page. So, here goes: :)

    I will definitely have to come up to your park again. It would be such a treat to see turtles in the wild! I've seen them once or twice, but it's been awhile, and not around here. I wonder what kind they are. The only western native freshwater turtles I can remember are California Pond Turtles. I wonder if they're non-native, or ??? I love the colors in the water. This is a wonderful photo!

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