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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Remember Chloe? That cute little dumplin' at the playground? The one you thought was so adorable? Well, Chloe's mom and my wife had some running around to do this afternoon, which they do from time to time so I watched Chloe. After the girls got back we decided to go out to dinner. Where should we go? Hmmm.......teriyaki sounds good. I went and changed my out of my work shirt and into a clean one and off we went, and that's where the real story begins. Trying to be the helpful guy I carried Chloe inside the restaraunt and held here while the six of us ordered our meals. Once that was done we headed to the big booth in the corner, my wife, our two daughters, Chloe situated on my right hip, and Chloe's mom. We get to the booth where our daughters and Chloe's mom sit down. As I'm taking Chloe off my hip to set her in the booth I feel something. Then I look down. Yep, the lower right side of my shirt is soaked. I look at Chloe, she looks at me and smiles. My wife says "Honey do you want to run home and change real quick? We don't live that far." "No, that's okay I don't mind if you don't" I said. So I slid on into the booth with Chloe situated on my left between myself and her mom. Things went pretty well for a while. They brought our food to the table and we all started to eat. Evidently Chloe thought I needed a bite of her orange. The trouble was it didn't make it into my mouth, it sort of bounced off my forehead and hair. Okay, fine. No problem. Back to eating again. Gee, she sure is concerned with feeding me her food tonight. Next she offers me a tempura fried something or other. I didn't want any of that so I said "no thank you". A second after I turned the other way to talk to my wife the tempura fried thing flew by my eyes and right into my Pepsi. Yum. Anyway, you get the picture. Peed on shirt, sticky orange forehead, food particles in the Pepsi and I ended up finding rice stuck in the hair on my arm. Don't get me wrong, I'm not whining or complaining. Once in a while that's just the way it's going to go with kids. She's a real cutie and she can sit by me anytime. That is unless my own daughters get jealous. That will probably be a story for another day.


  1. Hilda Says:

    Heeheehee! Your wife should have taken your picture after all of that! And you've just earned yourself a gazillion brownie points. :D

  2. Oh yeah---I would have liked a picture of that too. heehee. MB

  3. Zingo Tots Says:

    Ha ha! Cute story! Reminds me of the time I held my cousin's 2 year old on my lap during a wedding reception. I got that same warm sensation right in the middle of my skirt. Kind of hard explaining that one!

  4. This was a funny post and one I guess every parent and grandparent goes through. It is a kind of right of passage. One of those things a person must experience before they are allowed to say they have been there and done that. Very good. Enjoyed it.

  5. AB Says:

    Hehe. Great sign to go with the story. Perhaps, other types of cuisine provide fewer missiles?

  6. Frank Says:

    Hilarious post. Very funny and it all starts with a simple yet attractive neon sign...little did I imagine where it would lead(or how messy it would get.)

    Love it!!

  7. tapirgal Says:

    What a guy! :) Your story has me smiling!

  8. Hilda & Small City: I'm sure you two would have loved a picture. I'm surprised myself nobody took one.

    Zingo: Wedding reception huh? Nice. Kids have the best timing don't they?

    Abe: You & Patty have probably had more wet laps than you can count.

    Frank: Yeah, and you thought it was a food post didn't you?

    tapirgal: She's a cutie. How could you get upset? I'm glad you liked it.

  9. Jacob Says:

    Laughed out loud! Glad you didn't get mad...sometimes it really is better to get pissed on than pissed off!

    "Happy Teriyaki" day!

    Hey, you could make this an annual event.

  10. Frank Says:

    Annual? That'd be way too much time and would allow for the clothes to dry. I think a bunch of us could get together and post weekly on Terrific Teriyaki Day and then mix it up with Shrimp Tempua Day and then ....

    I just RE-read this post and it is incredibly funny. Thanks guys for a second round of laughter!!

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