September Theme Day - Albertson's Uses Miracle Grow.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tonight we decided to go out for dinner. Afterward my wife happened to look over at Albertson's. From what we can tell they've cornered the market on the best produce on the planet. Apples the size of Volkswagens, Oranges with wrinkles you could hide in, lemons that could sour the entire Olympia water system. I'm not even sure they could fit any shoppers inside the store. I thought about going in and buying some but our truck is a short bed so what was I going to do, go buy one apple?

This dose of fruitiness is our contribution to the CDP September Theme - "BIG"


  1. tapirgal Says:

    If that thing wasn't photoshopped, it may be the best thing I've seen all week. Or even if it was :) Wonderful post. Now I'm hungry.

  2. Lois Says:

    That is a great Theme Day post! All of the Albertson's stores around here are closed now.

  3. Jacob Says:

    Fantastic shot! Perfect for the theme. Albertson's used to be our favorite store...but it couldn't or wouldn't keep up with the times ... and couldn't compete with Publix. So, there are none left in Ocala, either.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    That is a new one on us - Albertsons - and I remember in Texas mom went to a Publix and our son in Florida took us to a Publix. Around here we have Krogers with quite a reputation for excellent produce as well as meats. I loved the words you strung together to describe the size and shape of the produce at Albertsons.

    Abraham Lincoln

  5. Thank you all...

    tapirgal: This wasn't Photoshopped. It must have been some giant applique on that whole set of windows. It looked pretty cool.

  6. Zingo Tots Says:

    Cool pic! Is Top Foods still open?

  7. Zingo Tots: You betcha. My wife and I work just around the corner from the Westside Top Foods.

  8. Zingo Tots Says:

    Awesome! It was our fave store.... I use to work at the Apple Schoolhouse Children's Center - housed inside the Apple Park apartments!

  9. Hilda Says:

    LOL! Now those would keep ALL doctors away!

    Love your interpretation of the theme!

    Sorry for the very late visit. I was only able to visit theme day posts on our Sept 1 night before work suddenly got too hectic.

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