Prelude to the Rain

Friday, September 4, 2009
As nice as it has been, it looks like the party's over, at least for a few days. They're predicting cooler temperatures and an 80% chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday. Things look like they're going to improve again next week, but for this Labor Day weekend it looks like the sky is going to change from blues to grays.
For more colorful and sometimes wet SkyWatch Friday photos click the link below.

Skywatch Friday


  1. PG Says:

    sorry to hear your long weekend doesn't include mother nature's cooperation. She must be too busy playing nice in the northeast because we are in for an A+ weekend according to the weather gurus.

  2. It is an awesome shot...

  3. OOooOooOO that is what I said when I saw this shot. I like it> Very interesting.
    Friday was nice and I went to Umtanum Rec area in Yakima Canyon and now it is raining. We need the rain though.
    Enjoy the weekend.

    BTW I am always roaming outside looking at the moon in my nightie--never thought about the neighbors---oy yeah---I don't have many. MB

  4. Jacob Says:

    I'm trying to figure out how you got the setting sun in front of that telephone pole...

    Or is it some kind of reflection.

    Fascinating! Love the colors. Have a great weekend! And remember that photos sparkle after a rain! Or something like that.

  5. Louise Says:

    Rain is a requirement for holiday weekends, I think. Lovely prelude, however.

  6. Meri Says:

    Yup - super saturated here in Gig Harbor this morning. The sound of rain on the roof and metal gutters woke me about 6 and I wished that I had a fenced yard for the dog so I didn't have to take her out in the downpour. It's slackened now, so I'm about to head to the grocery store to find sustenance for my family and a birthday cake for my youngest son's sweetie and me, since we're birthday girls (her today, me Monday). I'm looking forward to a little more sun in Cabo San Lucas.

  7. Sally in WA Says:

    Beautiful colors in that sky. It's raining up in Stanwood this Saturday morning. Time to break out the raincoats again.

  8. Lois Says:

    Very pretty! It's still hot here, but what else is new?

  9. Saretta Says:

    Fantastic colors! I wish it would cool down here in southern Italy!

  10. siva: Thank you for stopping by.

    MB: You're right we do need the rain. I'll bet that pond of yours is about dried up by now.
    P.S. Careful going out in that nightie. Remember you never know where the long lens is. :-)

    Jacob: When you enlarge the photo you'll see a silver lamp just above the orange light on the pole.

    Louise: It sure seems that way.

    Meri: I know what you mean. We have two dogs and no fenced yard either. This time of year I start to grumble in the morning when they need out.
    P.S. Happy Birthday to you both!

    Sally: Thank you. Make the most of the situation I guess, right?

    Lois: Same old story for you, isn't it?

    Saretta: I appreciate you taking a look.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone!

  11. PG: I didn't mean to leave you out. Make the most of the good weather this weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. The rain is here, but we sure did have a good run of sun this summer. We sure needed the moisture, so it's hard to complain. I invite you to come see my evening skies from the head of Powell Lake, BC. - Margy

  13. gogouci Says:

    Yes, it appears the skies are changing for us. At least we'll have the fall colors to look forward to.

  14. Lynette Says:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful.aning

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