Monday, September 7, 2009
One of the more interesting trees we saw on our walk through Watershed Park recently. This tree was at one time growing off the side of a downed cedar tree. Eventually the cedar rotted leaving this, which is our contribution to The Monochrome Weekly.

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  1. Aileni Says:

    Can't help thinking - 'they went thataway'. But I like the shot for the quality as well as content.

  2. tapirgal Says:

    I like what you did with the photo. It looks great in b & w, and I like the soft edges of the light background. Isn't it amazing how our trees behave here? It must be all the water! This one is certainly more complex than most.

  3. Oh wow, that is amazing. It looks like monsters--married for life. MB

  4. It does look like a monster tree from the dinosaur period.

    Thanks for visiting and helping me to make history.
    Pick a Peck of Pixels

  5. Lois Says:

    That is interesting and a great choice in black and white!

  6. Jacob Says:

    Stunning; especially in b&w!

    Reminds me of some of our crazy trees in Florida!

  7. Funny, I never saw the "they went thataway" until now. That's pretty good. I did think it had sort of a spooky look to it though.
    Thanks to everyone.

  8. Brett Says:

    Love the feel of this shot

  9. brian stout Says:

    very cool tree, and looks even better in b/w!

  10. AB Says:

    It reminds me of the "Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree",

  11. Looks like a Tolkien Ent reaching out to greet a weary traveler- a wonderful picture!

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