Cider Sunday - Part 1

Sunday, October 4, 2009
I mentioned in yesterday's post that today we were going to "Cider Sunday" at Tumwater Falls Park. It turned out to be a fun afternoon. The Tumwater Homesteaders class (8th graders from Tumwater Middle School) hosted the annual event. The students were there in period dress showing people what it was like to be a homesteader in the 1800's. Over the next couple of days I'll show you a few of my favorite photos from it. In this shot several kids were pulling together to produce some apple cider. Before they press the apples though, just out of frame on the left there were more kids with piles of apples which they were quartering and putting into pots to dump into the press. As you can see in the photo, the press was just about to get too hard for the one boy alone to turn so the second boy in the hat is just about to grab on and help. Do you think they were trying to show a little bit of muscle for the pretty girl in the blue dress?


  1. May be they were trying to impress the lady !!Unseen Rajasthan

  2. :-)) I've never tasted American cider. I wonder if it's like French cider... Nice shot, I like the period clothes.

  3. Lois Says:

    I think they were trying to show off a little! I would love to have a taste of that cider.

  4. Jacob Says:

    I'm impressed with the fact that these are eighth-graders! Lois and I both taught eighth grade and found it to be a delightful age, usually...

    And yes, I think the two boys are probably pressing to impress!

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