Cider Sunday Part 2 - Divine Intervention?

Monday, October 5, 2009
In yesterday's post I showed you students, uh... I mean homesteaders smashing apples into cider. Even though the event was called Cider Sunday that's not all that was going on. As we walked on to another area we saw a man helping a boy with something. On closer inspection we found that he was teaching him, as well as other kids, how to take several lengths of twine and wind them together tightly producing a length of rope. I have to compliment this man, (pioneer cell phone & all), on his patience. He really was good with the kids. After getting home and looking at this photo though it looks like someone was getting a little help from above.

For more amazing Monochrome Weekly shots click the link below.


  1. Jacob Says:

    Shine on! A delightful shot in every way...

  2. Danton Says:

    True enough, when enlarged can't help but notice the sun's rays. Good capture.

  3. tapirgal Says:

    I love the sepia choice. It goes perfectly with your shot. Excelellent, and nice touch there with the sun.

  4. brian stout Says:

    the sunlight does add that certain touch from above! it's a heavenly shot!

  5. Beautiful shot. The rays of sunshine really do to it.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Attentiveness incarnate.

  7. I see the rays coming down. Neat shot. Your other posts about Cider Sunday and the salmon return are very interesting too.
    My computer has been acting weird and it has been hard accessing others blogs. But I perservere. MB

  8. Hilda Says:

    Aside from the costumes, it was the light that I first noticed. Glorious!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The word cider make my mouth water. My dad used to take me in his Model T truck to an apple orchard where they ran a big cider press in their bank barn and that cider was just fabulous.

    Now, I live relatively close to the farm (out in the country) and in 70 years the orchard is nearly gone but many very old trees are still there along with the barn. But the cider days are long gone.

  10. Thanks everyone.
    This really was a fun afternoon. We had never been to this event before, but you can bet we'll go back.

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