Drum Roll Please

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tonight was a crazy night. Besides my wife and I both working full days, two of our three kids had something going on this evening. Our youngest went to her first Girl Scout meeting and our middle (PITA) teenager had a concert. She plays saxophone in the school band. Heaven forbid we miss even one of the concerts. Sooooo, we drop off the Girl Scout, rush over to the High School to catch one of the best concerts we have been to. You wouldn't believe how really good they were, the band, orchestra and the choir. One of the hits of the night was the string section performing "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin. By the time the concert was over it was time to pick up the Girl Scout, have a late dinner, a quick post to the blog, then to bed. A good night was had by all!


  1. Hilda Says:

    I'm glad everything turned out well, including the schedules. Aren't you glad you weren't required to attend the Girl Scout meeting too? Wish you could post videos of the performance. I've never heard a children's band that sounded good yet. ;)

    What material are those drums made of? It looks like copper!

  2. Lois Says:

    Good for you! It does sound like a great night. My daughter started out in band in sixth grade, went through high school marching band, 4 years in the FSU Marching Chiefs, and after receiving her degree in music education, is now the band director at her old high school and is working on her music ed master's degree part time. I went to every single concert and football game (not to mention chaperoning all of their trips) when she was a student and I'm still going now that she's the teacher. Guess I'm the ultimate band parent!

  3. Some days are like that! ;-) How was the concert?

  4. Jacob Says:

    The joys of parenthood never cease! Which you shall learn...

    This photo I like very much! Clean, sharp, great color; striking. I'd drum up more adjectives if I could but I have to snare a beer and go to bed!

  5. gogouci Says:

    Routine sounds very familiar. I have three very active children. Thank goodness they have equally active friends with parents gracious enough to help tote them to their various practices and meetings. Kashmir! I'm impressed. Did they play all 10 minutes. I remember that song taking forever to end.

  6. Hilda: Oh, there's a lot of things I will do for our children but going to Girl Scouts.....Lord help me! If I can get my hands on the DVD they made I could post something. I'll check on it.

    Lois: I do remember some of your posts referencing yours and your daughter's band involvement. We were really impressed at the performance.

    ciel: You shoulda been there!

    Jacob: Thank you Jacob. I appreciate the compliments on the photo.....all of them! Love those copper kettles.

    gogouci: Yep, it is nice when the parents help each other out, and yes, Kashmir was awesome. They did cut it short by one chorus but unless you were as familiar with the song as I am (or I believe you are you Zeppelin groupie you!) you wouldn't even notice. They blended it perfectly.

    A little P.S here,
    I appologize for being a little lax on visiting and commenting on blogs the last 3 or 4 days. It's just been one of those weeks. I think things will be back to somewhat normal in a day or two. Thanks for your patience. I do appreciate it.

  7. Ineke Says:

    apart from the concert, seems like the night i had, with 2 of the 3 going to waterpolo practice and the youngest showing me her contributions to the childrens book week at school.
    Good to hear they outdid your expectations :)

  8. Ineke: Thank you for your comments. This time of year we parents have a common bond when it comes to school functions, multiple kids, transportation, etc.

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