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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The mornings are a little darker, a little cooler each day it seems. By the time we get off work, stop off at the grocery store, then make it home this is about the only light there is. I can't wait for the weekends this time of year. Then we can actually get out and do something in the daylight.


  1. Jacob Says:

    Wonderful symbol of the season! And yes, we can take you in a boat to where it's bright and sunny. C'mon down!

  2. ~Cheryl Says:

    Very good! You know summer is over when you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark! :)

  3. Lois Says:

    That is a very pretty shot!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Your post brought back a lot of memories. Thankfully my working days are over or were over back in 1976, when I quit teaching and hung up the chalk; and the T-square; and the slide rule; and all the other stuff I used when I was bringing home the bacon. I really like the light and the reflections.

    We had a glorious day here. Warm as toast. Windy. Threat of rain but so far it didn't materialize. I like it. The place is covered is leaves and way more are still ready to fall down.

    I don't think I ever mentioned that I spent some time in the Army in Japan and while there began my picture taking career. I have been working on putting some of them on the following blog. If you are interested you are welcome to take a look.

    Sendai-shi, Japan

  5. Superb shot. The dark season is definitely beginning, but I like autumn and winter...

  6. tapirgal Says:

    Cute post. I don't mind this season. I'm lucky I can get out early once in awhile and then work again in the dark hours.

  7. Thanks everyone.
    I don't really mind autumn and winter, in fact last winter I was pretty happy when we had snow around here for weeks. Also, this autumn has been beautiful so far. Besides, whatcha going to do about it?

  8. AB Says:

    This photo is unlike the usual style in this blog but it works really well.

  9. Hans Says:

    This is a really good shot!

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