Say Cheese

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Seeing as the weather cooperated today I decided to go out after work and photograph some of the wonderful fall colors down at Capitol Lake. As things worked out you're going to have to wait until tomorrow to see those. This Great Blue Heron convinced me that he needed to be front and center on today's post. This is the boss of Capitol Lake. You might remember I posted a night shot of him not too long ago. I don't think anything spooks this guy. I could just about walk right up without him even moving a muscle. The only thing he did was turn his eye my way.


  1. Hilda Says:

    Wish I could be as cool. Love his blue feathers!

  2. Didst thou have a piece of cheddar? You must have gotten in pretty close, it's a wonderful portrait. ;-)

  3. Maybe he is just a head moving statue. they usually fly off when they see the camera. Great shot. He's a beauty. MB

  4. Jacob Says:

    How many fish did you have to "pay" him for posing like this?

    Love blue herons. Now, is this the same guy as before...I mean does he make his home here? He doesn't fly off to Florida for the winter, or just for fun?

    Beautiful shot, Don. The colors are right on and it's so nice and sharp!

    Have a great day!

  5. He looks big enough to take care of himself! Nice one!!!

  6. Hilda: He is the "Fonzie" of Capitol Lake.

    cieldequimper: No, I just talked to him. I think we had an understanding. ;-)

    Small City Scenes: Thank you MB, I've heard the same thing. This fellow seems pretty confident.

    Jacob:Thank you, I couldn't believe he was letting me so close. I'm pretty sure this is the same one as before though. This is his turf. Also, I don't think he heads down your way. I heard he has a condo in Arizona.

    Rob and Mandy: That's what I was afraid of.

  7. Jacob Says:

    Oops! I meant to tell you I liked the frame on this photo!

  8. Lynette Says:

    Fabulous photo. He looks huge!

    Yes, we're having a thoroughly wonderful time with family, friends, and food! Thanks for the good wishes for us, y'all.

  9. Jacob: Thank you, I appreciate that. For some reason I just thought this one worked.

    Lynette: Thank you and have fun!

  10. brian stout Says:

    cheese =)

  11. Lois Says:

    He certainly is giving you the eye! What a beautiful bird. I can see why he's the boss.

  12. Lachezar Says:

    and this is a beautiful portrait too!

  13. AB Says:

    What a star! You just have to take a photo!

  14. michael bird Says:

    No way is he going to say 'cheese'. Great photo of a great blue.

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