Floral Friday - Bobcat

Friday, October 30, 2009

From our recent trip north to the Seymour Conservatory in Tacoma, I give you Orchidaceae Colmanara Wildcat "Bobcat" as my contribution to this week's Floral Friday. I really liked the way the light made the colors so vivid.

For more wonderful Floral Friday shots click the link below.


  1. Oh I relly like this Orchid--Mr. wildcat 'Bobcat'. I wonder who names them? I guess the one who created it. So beautiful. MB

  2. AB Says:

    Cool. It looks like butteflies on a stick.

  3. Oh wowowowow! This is magnificent, the colours, the delicacy, the light! Bravo!

  4. Jacob Says:

    Photography is all about light...and you sure caught it well in this case. Love photo of a beautiful plant. But how come you know its long-winded names. I'd never be able to even spell it right. Can you say it real fast?

    Happy Halloweeny!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I had not seen this flower before today. It is a new one on me.

  6. brian stout Says:

    beautiful flower, love the colors!

  7. Misalyn Says:

    Hi. First time dropping by here.

    That's a lovely flower, I love it.Nice name as well. I have never seen such wonderful flowers.

    Have a nice day.

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