I'll Take This One

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Backing up just a little, here's our youngest daughter selecting "just the right" pumpkin. Of course, about five minutes later she went about fifty yards from this spot and picked out another "just right" pumpkin to replace the first one. How many of you parents have had the identical experience?


  1. I wish! We don't have pumpkin traditions :-(. Great shot!

  2. Jacob Says:

    I don't think this phenomenon has to do with age, but rather with gender...

    Dear Don, have you not been shopping with Krise and noticed how one "perfect" blouse is soon exchanged for another "perfect" blouse (substitute blouse for shoes or purses or dresses, etc.)?

    Ahem. No offense, Krise. ;-)

    Love this very cute photograph!

    Hope both of you are having a good weekend, too!

  3. Lois Says:

    Wait a minute, Jacob, I beg to differ because my son-in-law does this same thing at the pumpkin patch. Not sure about shopping though, I'll have to ask my daughter. This is a cute picture and yes I remember my kids doing this too!

  4. this is a great shot. perfect time to remind us about this time of year.

  5. what fun for your daughter to carve this pumpkin. as always thanks for all of your observations and comments on my site. I am glad you liked the macro of the cliff rose with its fuzzy little hairs.

  6. Jacob & Lois: Okay you two, back to your corners. You know, when I posted this I didn't think I was going to have to referee too.
    Jacob: I actually went clothes shopping with Krise today. She's not bad when it comes to changing her mind multiple times, and outside of me battling a slight cold we've had a great weekend. Thank you!

    ciel: You could start your own and be a trend setter!

    Julie: Thank you. This is my wife's and my favorite time of year.

  7. tapirgal Says:

    So how many perfect ones did it take before she found it? :) I consider that it's only artistic discernment.

  8. So very true----and now the grands are doing the very same thing. But we love it too. MB

  9. AB Says:

    Great shot. Very colourful and the child in the shot really makes it. Halloween is their moment.

  10. gogouci Says:

    Here I thought my children were the ones with trouble finding only one 'perfect' pumpkin. Our pumpkin selection ritual will be next Saturday.

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