Capitol Lake Colors

Sunday, October 11, 2009
On the way home this afternoon we remembered it was time for a Scenic Sunday shot. Following my wife's suggestion I veered off the freeway and stopped at The Red Lion Inn which sits on a hill overlooking Capitol Lake and Interstate 5. Just so you have some point of reference look at the far end of the lake where the supporting pillars are. It's hard to tell from this angle, but if you've followed this blog for a while you might recognize that dock from this previous post. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
For more Scenic Sunday shots click the link below.

Scenic Sunday


  1. Rob Says:

    Very nice photo. Can you actually swim in the lake?

  2. tapirgal Says:

    Gee, that's one of the best hotel views you could get. It's hard to imagine right there in/near the city.

  3. Rob, sorry to say it's not clean enough for swimming. People do kayak on it though.

    tapirgal: Straight up behind where we were standing to take this shot is the restaraunt and bar. My wife and I sat by those windows looking over the lake and freeway the evening of our first date. What a view at night.

  4. The colors are glorious this year. I think it is because we haven't had any rain to knock the leaves off the trees. MB

  5. Hans Says:

    I see what you mean. This could just as well be the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen :) Beautiful.

  6. Its my first time to join SS..and you're the first i visited. God bless!

  7. Brett Says:


    Just made you my blog of the week over at 365 to 42, pop over there and there is an award you can copy.

  8. eileeninmd Says:

    Wonderful scenery and reflection, thanks for sharing your scenic Sunday.

  9. Linnea W Says:

    You're really getting some pretty colors there now! What a perfect reflection too! So that's I-5 off in the distance...I'll have to pay better attention next time I'm heading up to Anacortes and see if I can spy this lake...

  10. Dusty Lens Says:

    Pretty reflections, would be fun to canoe in this lake.

  11. Lois Says:

    That water is so pretty! It looks like a mirror.

  12. Jacob Says:

    It doesn't get much better than this, Don. Gorgeous landscape. It doth look a wee bit familiar to there a brewery around there somewhere?

  13. I'm falling in love with Capitol lake! ;-)

  14. Small City: I agree. My wife and I had noticed the same thing. The colors are really vivid.

    Hans: Glad you saw the similarities. Thanks for stopping by.

    grace fancubit: We appreciate you stopping here first. Check out some of the other posts. There are many with much more talent than I have.

    Brett: I hardly know what to say. Coming from a talented photographer like you with one of the most scenic blogs I know, this is quite an honor. We thoroughly appreciate your compliments and the award. For anyone else reading this, please go check out Brett's blogs. You can click on his name which will take you to them. You won't be disappointed.

    eileeninmd: It was our pleasure.

    Linnea W: If you drive by this lake, you'll be about five minutes from where we live. Please, let us know if you come through.

    Dusty Lens: Canoeing & kayaking. Two of the most popular things to to there. No standing up in the canoe with your expensive camera though.

    Lois: We managed to catch it on a slightly cool but calm afternoon.

    Jacob: You must have your brewery sniffer on. In this photo, it's just past the freeway and a little to the right. I must be getting too repetitive in my photographing this area. You're going to know it better than me soon. ;-}

    ciel: It's easy to do. Next time you make it to the Pacific Northwest you'll have to come check it out.

    One more time: Thank you all!

  15. brian stout Says:

    i've been so ready for fall, but ours has been so rain-filled it's hard to enjoy! i hope it dries up before the weekend!

  16. gogouci Says:

    Lovely colors and reflection.

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